CB Day 45: Thursday

Today is 21-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 9:50am: Wake up feeling very tired as I slept almost 5am last night. Kpo Kia reminded me that today she have zoom session with her teacher, as we forgotten about her session yesterday and got so upset that she cried. LOL. Breakfast is one cup of Old Town coffee and 2 pieces of chocolate biscuit.
  • Ran out to go my grocery shopping just before she started her zoom session so she has lesser time to disturb the dad. But I still took almost 2.5 hours to finish the session.
  • 2:00pm: Since I target to reach home before 2pm, I walked up the overhead bridge instead of waiting for the bus that can bring me to the nearby lift. Lunch is Mee tai bak, 老伴豆花, and curry puff.
  • After lunch, Nua a bit and we started to make our Castella cake. Since I run out of baking paper, and we are only half portion, I make them into cupcake instead. The timing to prepare this, took a lot longer than I expected, partly because of dear Kpo Kia who is too short to see what is on the kitchen table, took her chair into the kitchen so she can stand and watch/’help’ me, which indirect required me to go through the ‘mobile obstacle course’.
  • 8:00pm: Since I am tired for the day due to lack of sleep and ‘extensive cooking’ for the past few days, we had outside food for dinner again tonight. Dinner is sweet and sour pork rice for us, and a after-dinner dessert cupcake.

Today, bump into D on my way to grocery shopping, a bit regard to dress so down. LOL. Don’t expect to meet anyone I know, on a working day. Also surprise to receive J’s whatsapp message. Well. Life is full of unexpected surprise.

Today figure: 448 new cases

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