CB Day 41: Sunday

Today is 17-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 11:10am: Although I wake up early in the morning, I keep falling back to sleep. Only managed to pull myself out of the bed just before noon but still ended up on Sofa… No breakfast for me
  • 1:40pm: Kpo Kia papa came home with our lunch – Carbonara from Kopitiam, don’t look appetizing, but thanks god I am the type who eat to live. My Old Town coffee become my lunch drink
  • After lunch, watched some Youtube video on photography, I think I neglected my poor camera for too long, just because I am not used to how to handle it, I shouldn’t leave it aside, right? Probably need to learn how to operate it first before I attempt any photography tip. This is an important lesson learned after I managed to solve the magic cube, start from basic, and be humble and learn, take notes, and continue learning. I had not been able to solve it for the past 30+ years (I only get to touch it when I was in primary school, so my Maths is correct yah~)
  • Make my second batch of Ramen eggs again before I prepare to cook dinner
  • 7:18pm: Cooked dinner again since we bought some green vegetables yesterday, and they need to be cleared soon. I tried cook Cod in foil, and it turn out…. almost like the steam cod I separately cook (in case the one in foil turns out to be a disaster. LOL. Not bad, pass-able, and also lesser cleaning to be done, guess I will attempt again. Also cooked 小菜心 with fishball. I accidentally bought too much fishball, so is trying to clear them up now as well.
  • Initially wanted to make pork floss spring roll after dinner, but Kpo Kia is tired yet grouchy, so I tried to make her sleep, ended up, she slept at 11pm again. *SIGH

When will the new cases drop to below 500 for consecutively 1 week?

Today figure: 682 new cases

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