CB Day 20: Sunday

I beginning to lost track of days and dates these days…. Reminder of the day: today is 26 April 2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 11:15am: We woke up 10+am, but finally rolled out of the room at almost lunch time… Sometimes, we really too lack of discipline, but then, I feel so helpless if I am the only one who think we need some proper routine like others
  • 11:30am: Ate the curry puff leftover from yesterday + coffee as breakfast. Had initially wanted to make french toast since who many people sharing they are making it this morning… but.. slack
  • 2:20pm: After bugging Kpo Kia papa to order for lunch since 1pm, he finally agree for me to go ahead to order. This is bad for Kpo Kia to build her routine
  • 2.45pm: Our chicken rice lunch is finally here
  • 4.45pm: Kpo Kia had promised me that she will nap after lunch so we can do painting once she woke up. Unfortunately, she did not keep to her promise, so no painting for her. I went on to watch the free musical on Youtube “Love never dies”. Don’t really like how the story goes on, and find the sound/vocal not as good as previous musical
  • 6:45pm: Prepare to cook dinner – french beans with minced meat, Egg tofu, and fried seaweed chicken. Kpo Kia has been bored doing nothing the whole day so she eagerly wanted to help me prepare our dinner, so tasked her to help trim the “head’ and “tail” of the beans
  • 11:30pm: Finally Kpo Kia fell asleep… I can do my own things now

Finished watching the 4 episode of “The Kind: Eternal Monarch” on Netflix… need to wait for the rest of the episode to be available.

Tomorrow need to focus on clearing all the admin tasks for my clearance. Been thinking a lot about work these days. *SIGH*

Today figure: 931 new cases

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