CB Day 32: Friday again

Today is 8-May-2020.

Feel like rotting doing nothing although I know I need to do a lot of things…. my TODO list had filled up the whole bullet journal.

Today schedule is:

  • 10:40am: Woke up late and only drink coffee and half slices of bread with Butter Kaya. Prepared same Milk and cereal breakfast for Kpo Kia.
  • 12:10pm: Slacked a while then need to rush off to do grocery shopping, since I travel on public transport and the waiting interval is getting longer thanks to COVID (seriously, SG transport company should do some reflection, by extending the waiting time, there will be more passenger on the transport and what’s the diff?)
  • 12:35pm: Finally reached WWP entrance although it’s just few bus stops away from my house. Long queue forming outside NTUC *SIGH*
  • 12:45pm: Managed to get into NTUC, happy! Start to shop for the items, as expected, baking items are almost all out of stock. Managed to find a pack of bread flour though! First thing to check, is for expiry, in case I procrastinated again… anyway, I can’t get hold of baking soda or baking powder.
  • 1:30pm: Queue for our lunch – Encik Tan Chicken Cutlet curry rice, I wasn’t aware we can separate the curry when we da bao. Nice.
  • 1:45pm: Sort of lost my way when I try to find the exit, everywhere is blocked… 我没有出路。。。
  • 1:55pm: Queue for some curry puff on my way to bus interchange
  • 2:08pm: Finally reach bus interchange, but the next bus is 9mins later… or 13mins later, as usual, the actually timing varies a bit… 10mins wait or so
  • 2:20pm: Waiting for another bus to bring me to the route that save me from carrying loads of items up the overhead bridge stairs…but it means another 10mins wait *SIGH*
  • 2:45pm: I am finally home! OMG!
  • After lunch, I start to prepare for dinner. Managed to attract Kpo Kia to the kitchen for a while but she prefer to disturb daddy’s call instead =.=”
  • 7:15pm: Start to cook dinner while Kpo Kia papa bring Kpo Kia to exercise. She is overloaded with energy… need to burn some.
  • 8:10pm: Finally can eat our dinner~~

A little story of the day

Kpo Kia papa: Today I need to go out jogging and exercise before dinner

Me: Ok. Bring Kpo Kia along

Kpo Kia: YAY~

Me (to Kpo Kia): But hor… daddy will go jogging, you go walk staircase, ok? Need to keep social distance. Later got bad guy come catch you, then you scream. But hor… even if you scream, also no one will save you, you know why? Because every day you scream so loud at home, people thought you are playing, so no one will save you.

Kpo Kia: (Stunned)

Kpo Kia Papa: LOL!

*SIGH* How do I teach a defiant preschooler not to scream when playing. It’s really not a good practice.

Today figure: 768 new cases

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