CB Day 34: Sunday. Mothers’ Day

Today is 10-May-2020.

Mothers’ Day.

Totally no feel about this.

Today schedule is:

  • 10:40am: Although I slept at 2+am, I wake up at 8+am. Wanted to go back to sleep but distracted by WhatsApp messages, finally dragged myself up at 10am, and had our breakfast – the Japanese Cheesecake which we had made the previous night.
  • 2:00pm: Our Grab lunch is here! We ordered chicken rice – $4.50 per pack, and $3.80 for delivery *OUCH*
  • After lunch, we just continue to nua
  • 5:00pm: Start to prepare for dinner, although I have simple things in mind, somehow I always ended up washing a lot of stuff in the Kitchen, need to review the process on how to be more efficient
  • After lunch, nua… then start preparing food
  • 6:40pm: My one pot soup is finally ready, but Kpo Kia papa and Kpo Kia went out to exercise.
  • 7:10pm: Finally they are home for dinner! As usual, I cook lesser rice for her, but she asked for more rice, rejected her request since there are still a lot of meat and vegetables LOL ended up, she struggle to finish the last few mouth of rice.
  • After dinner, slack a bit, and we have our supper to finish the cheese cake.
  • 11:35pm: Kpo Kia finally sleep *YAWN*, back to laptop to continue to binge watch Netflix.

Sis told me that Mum was hoping I can secretly deliver the cheese cake for her, but, sorry mum, it’s tough for me to leave home these days, I dread the long traveling time to anywhere… so I didn’t opt to take the 1.5hrs ride on bus to deliver a cake, I had bad experience traveling on cab to ‘surprise’ my mum, with a cake that falls to the ‘floor’ of the cab because it jerked, how would I know if this will not turn out to be another disaster.

Today figure: 876 new cases

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