CB Day 19: Saturday

Last night was upset with Kpo Kia papa so I slept late… this means I also woke up late in the morning. LOL!

Today schedule is:

  • 11:40am: Crawled up to drink coffee only… it’s almost lunch time… the father and past life love had nutella bread for breadfast
  • 1:30pm: Rain finally stopped. I asked Kpo Kia papa if he prefer to order lunch from delivery first before I go out, or I go out to da bao for him, and he choose the latter. Warned him that he will need to wait till after 3+pm …
  • 2:10pm: Finally found the entrance to NTUC … so many detour for a simple grocery shopping
  • 2.06pm: Request Kpo Kia teacher to help us asked if anyone wants to video call Kpo Kia, and her bff responded, but then hor, the next 30 minutes, the 2 girls are just busy showing off their toys at home. LOL!
  • 3.15pm: OMG! Just a short list of items to buy and I spent so much time for them… everything is out of stock, especially my Calbee Hot and Spicy potato chips. I am having a CB crisis!
  • 4:25pm: Finally how after buying lunch (Crave Fish fillet lasi lemak), queueing for OCK, and a wrong route of the bus driver! It’s almost time for dinner!
  • 7:40pm: Dinner time! I piece of Cod Fish, 1 pack of Cheese Tofu, and Broccoli
  • 11:40pm: Finally Kpo Kia fell asleep. I think she was bored to death

Poor Kpo Kia, I didn’t do anything with her today.

Started watching the show on Netflix “The Kind: Eternal Monarch” since TS recommended it. Hope it’s nice.

Today figure: 618 new cases

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