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Reflection of COVID-19 CB and what I would like to do once it’s over.

COVID-19 is a good calling to us to be more aware of our own environment and ourselves, and how insufficient I am.

One lesson that Singapore’s COVID-19 Circuit Breaker taught me is… “He who hesitates is lost”.

I had wanted to do a lot of things, but always putting work ahead of me… telling myself, I can do it after my last day (since I was informed on the decision of not extending my contract not too long after COVID-19 hit Singapore.

What I had initially wanted to do when work is less busy/just before my last day includes:

  • Color my hair to cover all my white hair~
  • Jio colleagues/friends eat Lava cookies from Creamery Boutique Ice Creams Singapore
  • Do some activities with Kpo Kia
  • “Think of what I want to do” after contract ends

What I would like to do once Singapore’s COVID-19 Circuit Breaker is over:

  • Cut my hair to as short and my heart allows… I hate this messy nest everyday as I was looking at it. Color them to a more bolding color?
  • I will pop by Creamery Boutique Ice Creams Singapore for my lava cookies as often as my pocket and weight allow… no more waiting
  • Thanks to the home-based learning which we need to conduct for Kpo Kia while working from home, the activities need to be more structured, and I definitely need to read up
  • Talking to J reminds me that my interest in Business Analysis is for products, probably, there’s more than “thinking of what I want to do”, and more of reprioritize on what I need to do in my life/work in order to achieve what I want as end goal.
  • Sell/donate my comics to make way for my snacks. I never thought of stock up snack as I tried to keep the stocks low so it makes me feel less convenient to snacks on… but after deprive of having my favourite chips for the CB period, I think I will want to stock up 10 packets at one go, or as much space as the bomb shelter allows
  • Since Kpo Kia papa don’t like me to cook, and keep wanting the house to be ‘clean’, we try to keep minimal food at home as possible, this also means we don’t keep vegetables/herbs such as onion, garlic, ginger at home, unless I know that week I will be cooking. In the future, I guess I will cook for myself if they don’t want to eat my ‘home-cook food’. Also, I will definitely want to have more of these food at home, need to set up home garden – probably go to Daiso to get some cheapo gardening kits
  • Stock up more rice at home – probably 10kg instead of usual 2.5 or max 5kg
  • Start on sewing crafting – I so envy friends who can help to sew masks to help our during such days. Having a friend who is willing to make free masks to me also means I wish the kindness can be passed on in future.

So yah. these are some random thoughts of the day.




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