CB Day 9: Happy Day

Almost overslept though I slept pretty early the previous night.

Today schedule is:

  • 8.30am: Wake up in a shock as I am late! Turn on laptop and can’t stop working… oh yeah… because yesterday I received a bomb for my work, so today I am cleaning it up
  • 10am: Steal a short break for breakfast – Old town white coffee + 2 slice of bread with Tuna. Chop chop prepared breakfast for the family and back to work.
  • 1:20pm: Kpo Kia papa haven’t da bao my lunch! And I will be having a work call at 2.30pm! Nagged at him and poor Kpo Kia papa run down to pick up some food and our lunch.
  • 2pm: Sad that the blur auntie forgot to put sauce for my chee chong fun. OMG! So pathetic lunch…. luckily receiving JL’s gifts brighten up my lunch~ <3 <3 <3
  • 6:05pm: Off laptop and start preparing for dinner… Kpo Kia was too bored and keep disturbing Kpo Kia papa’s work call, so no choice have to find something to attract her out of the study room. She is very happy to help me and insisted I need to take photos of her helping me in preparing the dinner LOL!
  • 7:30pm: Dinner is done… but too much water so the soup taste too bland again. Kpo Kia don’t like the over soak cheese toufu, complaining they are overcooked. Luckily I have the frozen pre-marinated seaweed chicken, and managed to convince her finished her rice. I think she will slim down after the CB period, LOL!
  • 8:50pm: Received a SMS that my ezbuy items are ready for collection. OMG, forgotten all about them! Thankfully, Kpo Kia papa volunteered to ‘risk his life’ and collect the items on my behalf. <3 <3 <3
  • 10:30pm: Nua a bit and back to work, have not been able to focus earlier as too much distraction and work-related calls.

Some thoughts:

  • I have been trying to be ‘user-centric’ but doing too many things beyond my scope of work. No wonder I am unable to deliver things I am supposed to deliver on time.
  • I need to have second thoughts about where I am heading after May. Repeatedly doing the same things will not have different results, I know this logic, but I am still doing it.
  • I am lucky to have wonderful friends, today one enlighten me, one brighten my day, and many keep me entertained and well-inform during this CB.

Today figure: 447 new cases

I have a bad feeling that the figures will maintain above 300 for next few days, probably for at least another week, CB will extend and my future… might be more challenging than I imagine. 頑張って!

Got photo bombed by Kpo Kia!
My Ikea board (over) completed with loots from Taobao. Haha. Kpo Kia papa says I make the board looks like workshop.

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