Kpo Kia与她的表哥,表姐,玩得闹翻了天,让我想起小时候回马来西亚探亲时的热闹状况,有点想念。。。

We managed to clear our housework on Chinese New Year eve, those we cannot finish… haha, are classified as housework that do not need to be cleared before Chinese New Year.
First day of Chinese New Year visiting is over~
Kpo Kia managed to open up and played with her cousins after a while, and they run around till the whole house (of Kpo Kia Papa’s uncle) become super noisy. But I was not disturbed by that at all, as I remembered how lonely we felt in the past when my dad is too busy to bring us back to Malaysia for house visiting, or when we have to rush through and I cannot go to my maternal grandparents house to play with cousins to our age range, so I am glad that she get the companionship she needs.

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