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Kpo Kia @ her 33rd months

Another few months and she will be 3 years old! Oh My Love~ You have just learned to say ‘I am two years old’ last month~

Conversation with her just got more interesting.

Me: Need to start planning for your birthday. So fast.
Kpo Kia: So tired….

Me: 快点去刷牙!
Kpo Kia: 补腰 (Ang Mo accent Chinese)
Kpo Kia Papa: 你的腰很补了,去刷牙!
Me: ….

Singing “I believe I can fly” as I was opening up a package.
Kpo Kia: What dis? This one not for me?
Me: No.
Kpo Kia: This one not for me right? This one who?
Me: This one for fly.
Kpo Kia: This one not for me, I cannot fly.
Me: Who are you?
Kpo Kia: I am Leticia, I walk.
Me: ….

She loves to talk to animal these days. LOL.
Oh Baby, please don’t grow up too fast, mama wants to hold you and hug you always!

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  1. Muahaha… OMG, LOL die me…

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