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Hello 2018!

2017 has been a really busy year for me, so busy that it passed by even before I can achieve any thing.

Believe I mentioned before in this blog that I will always come up a list of goals before the start of every year, and do a check + reflection every quarter. This has been going on for quite a few years. This year, unfortunately, I did not managed to complete my 4x of reflections a year, and not-so-surprisingly (but still a bit depressingly), I did not achieve any of the goals… I failed my financial goal, my personal goal, my educational goal and my career goal.

I failed terribly.

Luckily (or unluckily), I don’t feel that bad this time. I guess I am sort of desentized by now.

Well, my 2017 is not exactly that bad, let me recall some things I achieved or managed to experienced:

  • I won a couple of giveaways, mainly related to Kpo Kia… didn’t managed to get the dress given by Nylon Singapore for whatever reason, but I have come to terms with it by now.
  • After so many years of bugging, we finally got to have a family trip with Dad!! He simply refused to travel with us but thanks to Kpo Kia and my then marrying out Brother, he gave in and join us to Bangkok for a short trip, and gladly enjoy the food… *Happy*
  • I get to attend Night Festival 2017, a very short 2 hrs walk around… but… yay!
  • I get to attend quite a few exclusive events and was engaged for a few sponsored posts. And I feel grateful for these opportunities.
  • I set up my first flea market stall with Sis and friend~!!!! It’s really an interesting experience which is both tiring and educational for me.
  • I get to watch Xinyao and Mayday concert this year again~
  • 3 of us get to travel again~ This time we are slightly more adventurous, we went on a 4 days 3 night cruise trip on Royal Caribbean. It’s our wedding anniversary celebration trip, I am grateful to have my loving Kpo Kia papa beside me for the past few years and hope it can last as long as I am still alive.
  • Haha, surprisingly I’m still playing Pokemon Go after over a year. I have been leveling, slow and steady. And I like the sense of achievement which I get to experienced…. unfortunately, not in real life for now.
  • My dear brother had finally married off… 
Now, let me set some new goals for the coming 2018.
  • I hope I can spare more time with my irritating Kpo Kia.
  • I hope I can learn something different, and master it.
  • I hope I can find back my driving licence, and find back my courage to drive.
  • I would love to slim down a bit, or at least go back to my ‘healthier diet’ before I got pregnant
  • I would love to do more custom craft, although I still wondering who accept hand-made craft these days.

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