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Busy Busy

Busy Busy…
Life is real busy these days.
Finally finished celebrating Kpo Kia’s first birthday… yet to edit her photos and videos for days.
Every night after work it’s the standard routine of trying to catch dinner, and if possible, some pokemon, and then is chase after the crawling baby ~ I mean, toddler, since she is older than 1 year old already. Still not used to call her toddler.

She is more proficient in crawling, and walking around while holding on to things (she did managed to walk without support few days before her birthday but somehow stopped these few days) now, but is unfortunately not very stable so we always get to see her falling in front of us once every few days.

Somehow Kpo kia turned back into an owl after she left nanny’s place… and it’s almost impossible to get her to sleep before 11pm these days. Which means, any personal time for myself will be after midnight. *Yawn*

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