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Lessons I learnt from Pokemon GO

Lessons I learnt from Pokemon GO:

  1. Life is unfair, who cares if there’s 1 trainer using 6 pokemon vs 1 pokemon in the gym or more.
  2. Where you stay is important. It will determine your chances and opportunities.
  3. Anything is possible. Even eggs can evolve into coconut tree.
  4. Looks is deceiving – the pokemon that looks like pineapple is actually a coconut tree
  5. Slow and steady still can do the job. one can still level by catching rats and birdies… S….L….O….W….L…Y…
  6. Money increase chances and opportunities – spare cash can help u easily catch the regional pokemon… if you have no $, then pray very hard you have loads of luck, you still might be able to hatch them… just be very lucky
  7. There is no win-win situation – if you want to hatch egg, you need to walk; if you want to get coins, you need to fight gym, you cannot walk and fight in the gym at the same time.
  8. Life is a gamble – should you redeem the coin immediately? Or risk not getting them while you attempt fighting the next gym
  9. Time management is important – you have only that much time in a day, decide what you want to do with it.
  10. Know the rules of the game or you will be lost out in all ways. Catching up is not impossible, but detouring process can be painful
  11. Being hardworking doesn’t give you the best return. Just like how a 10km egg hatches a Eevee…
  12. 咸鱼翻身会成龙。When you are dying like magikarp, as long as you brace on, you can become a gyarados

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