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Conversation with Child – Good Girl

Kpo Kia: Mama…
Me: Yes, Love (imitating her favorite TikTok creator’s way of saying)
Kpo Kia: You know why I am so naughty?
Me: Why?
Kpo Kia: So when I am a good girl, you will know the difference.
Me: 😅Mummy knows you are a GOOD-nature girl, you can just behave good ALL THE TIME.
Kpo Kia: But I scare if I always good girl, you won’t know I can be a good girl. So I am always naughty. Then when I be a good girl, you know I can be good.


p/s: This can be found in my facebook page but I decided to capture these precious memories with Kpo Kia here so I will not lost them.

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