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Movie Time: Bring Back The Dead 《招魂》

Thanks Clover Films for the invition to the Gala Premiere for Bring Back The Dead 《招魂》.
It’s always interesting to hear from the casts on their thoughts and feeling when filming the movie. In this case, Jesseca Liu had shared that she is worried that once taking this character, will she be “prompted” as a “mother actress” in future?

Bet a lot of us do not know these:

  • Jacko Chiang is scare of ghost in real life
  • Liu Ling Ling can easily feel those from another dimension in real life (I have a friend with such ‘ability’ so I do not doubt her)
  • Bring Back The Dead is based on a short story by writer Wong Swee Hoon
  • The movie is filmed within 19 days







Movie synopsis

Bring Back The Dead revolves around Jia En (Jesseca Liu), a doting mother who loses her seven-year-old son in a tragic road accident. Beyond grief over her son’s death, she seeks the help of her former caregiver, Mdm Seetoh (Liu Ling Ling), to bring back his soul so that he can be ‘by her side’. However, after several strange and deadly occurrences in the house, she begins to suspect that there is something amiss with the soul she has brought back. When she discovers the horrifying truth, it may be at the cost of her own life as well as those around her.

当她的独生子因遇车祸不幸丧命时,一个伤心欲绝的嘉恩(刘子绚饰)因为沉浸 于失子的悲伤,决定请小时候照顾她的保姆,司徒姐(刘玲玲饰)协助她把儿子 的灵魂招回她身边。
经过一连串的奇异事件,嘉恩开始质疑自己之前所做的决定。当她渐渐发现迷离事 件的真相时,自己与周围的人却早已身处险境。一切是否还有挽回的余地?

Directed by: Lee Thean-jeen 李天仁
Starring : Jesseca Liu 刘子绚, Jacko Chiang 蒋伟文, Liu Ling Ling 刘玲玲
In Cinemas (Singapore) 新加坡上映日期: 8th January 2015
Language语言: Chinese
Genre 类型: Horror
Runtime片长: 90 mins

Movie trailer

After watching the trailer, I excitingly tell G I must watch the show! The trailer is scary enough to entice me – a horror show lover to put this as a must-watch show.
The first thoughts on the trailer – it’s another version of “The Monkey Paw” – I wonder what is the motive for Mdm Seetoh to share the story of the old man who can see the dead, I also believe that trying to go against nature will bring undesired result.

Was expecting more suspension to happen before the story unfold, but I think the director had ‘impatiently’ give out bit and pieces of hints along the way. The final ending is sort of predictable, but the story behind the spirits, is something I had not expected.

There are a few questions I cannot find solution till the end of the show, and find that it’s a bit of illogical, but overall, the story is tight and scary enough for horror movie fans like me who likes to scare themselves.

Some people shared that the pace of the movie is too slow, but I personally find it just right.
Lee Thean-jeen had shoot the movie in an artistic approach, I personally love those scene but I am not too sure how many people will appreciate, anyway I still need to applause him for the courageous approach.


A loving mother… and the only son
Mummy… mummy… poked! The playful Xiao le like to play with his mum
A loving husband who know his wife well…
Everything crumpled when she lost her beloved son
Even the one up there cry for her lost
Desperately looking for help…
Jia En decide to go against nature and revive Xiao Le



Whose hand does this belongs to?


Things had gone wrong and it’s terrifying Jia En


What had happened? Am I having a dream or ?


Whose blood is it? What exactly happened?

Bring Back The Dead will open in Singapore on Jan 8 2015.

p/s: Do you know that you can really see something spooky in the movie? The footage is included in the movie and you will be able to watch it at the last part of the show. =)

Image credit: Bring Back the Dead 招魂 Facebook page

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