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Happy 2015!

It’s amazing how life goes.
People always say 20s is the peak of one’s life, when you have all the time and energy to chase after the life you want, but I had not been “living” till I am in my 30s.
Yes, I have to admit I pick things up slower than I am in my 20s, mistakes made are less tolerable to others. But I hit quite a number of milestone in getting out of my comfort zone.

See what I experienced in my 30s:

  • I managed to go through a ‘Hair for hope’ mission.
  • I managed to survive through a few 10km ‘running’ event (sorry to admit I walk them through actually).
  • I have attended many media events and come up from my tiny little well.
  • I managed to go oversea by myself for a few months, although I’ve been free loader at friend’s place for quite some time, I did ‘venture’ out to tour new places and meet new people by myself.
  • I have gone through a wwoofing session – sleep in sleeping bag, washed a boat, built a Hen House, planted some ‘baby trees’ and set up a Hoop-Style Greenhouse
  • I managed to change to a new job scope which I had been inspired for quite some time (have to admit I have a lot of room to improve but I am not giving it up like that just like what I had done in the past).
  • I managed to survive through my wedding and now I own my own house – with the one who had been supporting me these few years – my beloved Husband Mr. G. ;p

A lot of people might have gone through much more, but I am proud of my own experiences and consider these my achievements. I hope those who have been living in fear like the Past-CF will also pick up your courage and go out to experience life, even if you are older than me. Age does matter but courage matters more – being ‘old’ actually does help me to think twice to be more considerate and responsible for my own action.

2014 is one of the years which I experiences a lot of ups and downs, but I’m glad to have supportive boyfriend/husband, friends, family, and colleagues. I am a lucky one.
It’s also a year when I discover how much I need to improve in dealing with people, how much I fear of losing my loves one, how much I wish that all those around me will be in good health.

Today is 2015, I am looking forward to more exciting experiences to share with everyone, and most importantly, I wish everyone around me, including you, will have a healthy and happy year ahead.
Life is short, so treasure every moment you have.


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