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The Inspired Chef – Retail launch

Glad to received invitation to attend the retail launch of The Inspired Chef ice creams by F&N Creameries at NTUC FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore Sports Hub.




The Inspired Chef
The Inspired Chef is an idea born out of Singapore to brings together the best culinary experts in Singapore to craft a product of their creative inspiration. F&N collaborated with locally renowned celebrity chefs to concoct the unique range of artisanal ice cream, The Inspired Chef. The inaugural range of The Inspired Chef resulted in handcrafted, first-of-its-kind experience, signature ice cream for the most discerning palates to indulge in premium ice cream flavours that combine local taste traditions with top international quality ingredients.


These flavors includes:

  • Double Peanut Fudge by Chef Willin Low of Wild Rocket
  • Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble by Chef Pang Kok Keong of Antoinette
  • Caramel Popcorn Avalanche by Chef Janice Wong of 2am: dessert bar
  • Ms Strawberry Madeleine by Chef Daniel Tay
  • Divine Chocolate Tart
  • White Chocolate and Black Sesame

The Inspired Chef was launched on Aug 2013 and was used to be available only via the website http://inspiredchef.sg/, but after a year, all ice cream lovers can finally got them from store!!!

Wait no more
In the past, one needs to order at least one day in advanced with a minimum order of 2 pints of ice cream. It is great if you are preparing for a gathering for the next day and do not have time to travel around getting the heavenly dessert for your guests but what if you have the craving to feast on the it NOW?

For all ice cream lovers (including me!!) It’s a great news to know that the delectable range of ice cream by is now available (unfortunately only exclusively) at NTUC FairPrice Finest and NTUC FairPrice Xtra! No more waiting for craving to be fulfilled!~

Are you also a Ice cream lover?
Did you managed to attend the  retail launch of The Inspired Chef ice creams also? You might have seen me pigging around for one of my favourite dessert!

Double Peanut Fudge
The first though that come across my mind is “OH MY GOD, THIS IS FREAKINGLY SINFUL, but I feel too 幸福(fortunate) to stop eating!”
This sumptuous peanut butter ice cream infused with bits of crunchy Asian peanut candy brittle and deep dark chocolate fudge 🙂


Divine Chocolate Tart
Some find  this flavour too rich but as chocolate, especially dark chocolate fan, I enjoy it with open arms and a expanding waistline, there some crunchy bits of butter crumble and a dash of sea salt which make the chocolate least sweet among those I had tried for the day.

Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble
First taste of this cream cheese ice cream infused with coulis, made from fresh, handpicked raspberries and crunchy butter crumbles is – that it’s too sweet for my sweet tooth… But guess what? Accompanied with a small piece of french toast, it balance up and taste and it’s what you call yummilious!

White Chocolate and Black Sesame
Do you believe the saying that within a competition, the last participant is in the least advantage as the judge were usually too tired and the expectation is much higher due to the previous participants. Well, you also need to learn that 真金不怕红炉火(true gold have no fears for fire), the White Chocolate and Black Sesame give out a humble fragrance of sesame, and the sweetness of the White Chocolate is like a gentle sweet lady, sweeping me off my feet for it.



Awesome Day! Awesome Ice Cream~


So interesting to see the 3 guest of honor taking selfie –
Chef Willin Low, Mr Seah Kian Peng, and Dato’ Ng Jui Sia (L to R)


End of the retail launch, all of us get to brought home 2 pint of the awesome ice cream~


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