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Philips Airfryer Event

Thanks to nuffnang and sis. I got to attend the Philips Airfryer Event at Cookyn Inc. Enjoyed the event a lot… and GOSH! First time experience using the new Philips Avance Collection Airfryer XL… and used it for baking pastry… what an experience!




What can you cook with this?


Our recipe…




… After


Final presentation… but the whip cream is melting!!!


Our team dishes… I thought we did a good job


My pretty teammate, Caren, was convincing the judges why this should be the winning dish


Me and Sis!


Team 4 – With our team leader Jessica


Jessica and me!~


I wish one of the prize belongs to me


Unfortunately all I can carry home is a stomach full of our yummy pastry…

My team is full of great girls! They can do well and they think well. I feel so lost compared to them… keep asking what can I do… nevertheless, I am glad that we have achieved something and certainly hope to see them again soon~

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  1. Catherine says:

    What air fryer do you think is the best? I was thinking of getting the Philips or Nuwave, what do you recommend? I need to diet asap, and think this could be the best option for me, I seen lots of reviews on sites like http://www.airfryerjudge.com, but I want to try one before I buy as they are pretty expensive.

  2. Hi Catherine, I personally is using Philips and I like it a lot. Heard from others that the food cook by some brand will not taste as good as Philips. I did not heard of Nuwave brand before but I heard EuropAce is one of a good alternative if price is a concern.

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