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台北老少游之 领悟

我明白了老人与小孩的相同 – 我,感激母亲的牺牲。

Mum suggested that we can gift the calla lily to the ladies at our hotel, she like chatting with the soft-spoken and courtesy staffs. Happy to receive photos from them later that the lilies are at the coffee corner so everyone can appreciate it’s beauty 🙂

Although this is my third trip to Taiwan, I managed to see a lot and learnt a lot of what I had never see and learnt previously. The experiences is beyond what I had expected for this trip.

I learnt to find the exit with life/escalator at the MRT stations so my mum do not need to climb the scarily high staircase.
I went to the local market and chatted with a simple lady who is helping her mum tending the store.
I realised how much I am still lacking of.
I discovered how willful and selfish am I.
I see the similarities between elderly and kids – I suddenly feel grateful to mum for her scarified.

Have to admit this trip can be better if I had plan earlier and manage my emotions better, but it’s really a very different experience due to out different expectations.

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