I’m back!

It’s been “quite some time” since I last update my blog.
G had came over to New Zealand and we have gone traveling a bit around the country. Due to tight time constraint and lack of research before hand, we only managed to go to very little places. 🙂

Luckily thanks to living in the advanced technology world and power of smart phones, we get some on-the-go tips from social media and travel sites like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet.

If you also decide to drop by New Zealand to travel, do remember to pick up some free guide books by Jasons Travel Media as they provide a lot of information and coupons for good bargains. If you need advises on where to go, you can drop by New Zealand’s official visitor information center – i-SITE, there are over 80 i-SITEs nationwide, and they tie in with some tourist attractions and few accommodations to give better deals, what’s more, a couple of i-SITE center we dropped by each have different themes and looks very different in the building and structure, I would just love to travel around New Zealand and go to different i-SITEs just to take photos of them 🙂

Last stop of the trip at Hamilton Gardens 🙂 Do drop by if you pass by Hamilton yah~

Will update with more posts and photos when I’m more settled. 🙂

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