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台北老少游之 领悟

这一次旅程,让我看到了很多,也让我学会了很多。虽然是我第三次到台湾游,但这次的体验,肯定不比之前的少。我学会了找捷运电梯/扶梯的出口。我看到了当地人常去的集市。我发现了我的不足。我了解了我的任性与自私。我明白了老人与小孩的相同 – 我,感激母亲的牺牲。 Mum suggested that we can gift the calla lily to the ladies at our hotel, she like chatting with the soft-spoken and courtesy staffs. Happy to receive photos from them later that the lilies are at the… Continue Reading →

休息是为了走更长的路 A rest is only the first step of a longer journey ahead

人生总是忙忙碌碌,偶尔,不如停下脚步歇一歇 — 也许下一段旅程,我们可以更快的抵达目的地哦!In our life, we always tend to rush to complete things, and repetitively. Why not take a break and rest for a while, who know’s we might be able to achieve our destination even faster with the break?… Continue Reading →

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