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Parenthood: Packing for Staycation

Recently had our first staycation with Miss Kpo since she was popped.

Parenthood really changed our practices a lot. Usually for my traveling/staycation, I would have packed weeks ago (Haha! I have a weird practice of start packing at least a week in advanced, packed, review luggage content, unpack, packed again, then end up returning home with a lot of things untouched), but this time round, I only managed to start packing the day before our staycation.

I packed quite minimal for myself in this 3 days 2 night staycation (2/3 of a cabin luggage + a small backpack, slightly lesser than usual), G packed his usual 1/2 luggage but we ended up with 5 piece of luggage!

See what we have packed for Miss Kpo?

OMG!I should have taken photos of our luggage, but my hands are so full and I was busy entertaining Miss Kpo such that I forgotten all about this (excuses!).

And yes, you did not read wrongly, we actually brought our own kettle and playpen.
Although we can bear with Miss Kpo biting her fingers and hands, or even her daddy’s leg (at least they are ‘organic’!), we are a bit particular on the ‘water source’, so we brought our own kettle along. Also, as she have sensitive skin, in cases if she have problem sleeping on the resort bedding, she have her own play pen, which usually ended up as her ‘temporary prison’ when we are busy packing/preparing to go out.

This staycation had serve as a very good rehearsal exercise for our actual family holiday which we are still planning-in-progress.

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