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Movie Time: Arthur Newman

Thanks to Shaw and omy.sg, today I get to watch the movie preview of Arthur Newman at the Shaw Preview Theatre. Mind you, the seat in Shaw Preview Theatre is so comfortable anyone will be glad to sleep there for hours… but I need to stay awake so I can watch the show and share this post with you 😛

Let’s take a look at Arthur Newman Official Trailer:

Movie Synopsis
Wallace Avery is tired of his life.

Divorced, disconnected from his son, dissatisfied with his love life, Wallace Avery decided to “kill Wallace Avery” and re-live his life as Arthur Newman (as a “New Man”) – whom he believed to have a chance to work as a golf pro. He then sets out toward his own private Oz – Terre Haute, Indiana to start his new adventure.

His road trip is derailed by the entrance of Michaela Fitzgerald, whom Arthur discovers passed out poolside at a motel. It takes her all of a couple hours to bust Arthur’s identity scam. It takes Arthur a lot longer to bust hers. They begin to break into people’s houses, wear the owner’s clothes, slept in their bed, and attempt to “play” their life.

Arthur Newman, from a screenplay written by Becky Johnston, looks at how two people, desperate to remake themselves, fall in love and find a way to accept responsibility for who they really are.

Not sure about you, but I do know people who sometimes just wish to leave everything behind and live a new life, and I am one of them 😛 Life is always full of unexpected, sometimes after you experienced a lot, you will realised, the best life is the one that you have been leading all these while. 🙂

Personally I feel that the storyline is not strong enough, a lot of things just don’t gel well and makes no sense to me (alas, this is movie!), everything is moving a bit too slow for my liking. But I do find it amusing on the parts where they tried to break into the house of other and “take over” the identity of the owners. Don’t we sometimes wish to live another person’s life, thinking “Who and who looks so happy, he/she must be leading a better life! How I wish I can be him/her!”? 🙂

Arthur Newman
Official Release Date in Singapore: 11 July 2013
Director: Dante Ariola
Cast: Colin Firth (Academy Award® Winner), Emily Blunt (Golden Globe® Winner)
Rating: M18
Runtime: 100 min

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