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McDonald’s Singapore Hello Kitty Frog Prince

What’s the hottest news on Facebook for Singapore every Thursday since 30th May 2013?
It’s definitely McDonald’s Hello Kitty Fairy Tale plushies!

Today is the launch of the latest plushies – The Frog Prince Hello Kitty.
Guess what?
All Frog Prince are sold out within a day and this message was posted on McDonald’s Singapore Facebook page.

In fact, from afternoon 12PM onwards, I have been constantly reading updates on Facebook, with reports that ‘there are a lot of depressing faces saw around in Singapore‘.

JL got her Frog Prince ‘without much stress’, that’s because she’s got hers around Thursday midnight (13th Jun 12+AM) when she and hubby drive around for Frog Prince supper  =.=”

Photo credit: http://thedaintycandy.blogspot.sg/

Also saw a lot of people selling the Kitties online, trying to fetch around $30 per kitty, this reminds me of the kitty craze many many many years ago in Singapore, where people start queuing outside the branch(there wasn’t any 24hrs McDonald’s then yet) and some end up quarreling and get their BIG FACE on the newspaper… I hope people have progress since then.

Of course, good luck to all Hello Kitty collectors for the next plushies. 🙂

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