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The heART of Tampines

Everything happened for a reason, I was quite moody after my 2 hours queue early in the day and it extend even after I finished my late lunch.. Then I heard some ‘noisy’ from the event “The heART of Tampines” held at Tampines central…

Balloons flower~ nice right?


Saw this a couple of times when I was walking to the MRT station but never really bother to pause and take a look…
till I pass by the actual event


A lot of fun activities which from young kids to elderly also can enjoy! Well done  PAssionArts at Tampines!


Scratch Art workshop… suitable for young kids and elderly~ 🙂

Never expected to stay over 2 hours at the place… but I did anyway…


Haha, I am amazed I stay back and involved in the following:

  • Tampines Memory Tree
    – We can write down our memories or what we like about Tampines on the leave cards.

    Tampines Memory Tree – Cards for us to note down our  memories for Tampines


  • Scratch Art workshop
    – the ‘ah ma'(elderly lady) beside me really brighten up my experience by sharing with me that this is the first time she ‘play’ such activities in her eighty-over years… I was kidding with her it’s an achievement and she should hang it at her house. She reminded me of my own grandma – if she is still alive I guess she might be enjoying herself like this too. This is a simple art but good for practicing kinetic skill as you need to hold the stencil while scratching. Refer to my photo above, it is suitable for young kids and elderly.

    My scratch art~
  • Badge Making Station
    – we can draw our own badge or color the template they provided us. The template is a bit too complicated and difficult for me to color with the markers (although I see people coloring it perfectly alright!) thus I draw my own kindergarten standard badge 😛
  • Key Chain Shrink Art workshop
    – We were given a plastic sheet and free to trace any image over the provided templates, I choose Winnie since it is one of the cuter one… Then the helper/volunteer asked me to write my name because some people will ‘anyhow take’… and I did. Haha, but later then I realised the signature is mirrored ~_~. This is a simple art you can do at home, the plastic sheet can be bought from Daiso, but you need an oven to shrink it.

    Can see my ‘flipped’ sign off?


  • Stocking Flower workshop
    – Gosh! How it comes back to my memory, sis and I used to make flowers with this when we were primary school. I am not aware people are still playing with it~ Too bad we are only supposed to learn to make a petal and taking nothing out of this 😛

    Gosh, this bring back my childhood memory!
  • Batik Art workshop
    – We are free to take a small cup of paint and drip it on the batik cloth… I choose to paint the leaves with green (How growing up kills my creativity! If I am a little kid I will most probably paint them with red, blue, orange, purple~)

    Batik Art workshop


    Batik Art workshop: Can you guess which leaves are painted by me?
  • Lollipop Bouquet workshop
    – The booth is a bit choatic… :X one helper is patiently taking a long time to teach a participant and the other is busy teaching a bunch of us (actually making for us, since the only thing we can do it tied a knot to hold the whole bouquet up @_@) can’t blame them since there are a lot of people around but they can do it better next round with more organising.

    Mum’s pre-mother’s day present 😛
  • Pottery workshop
    – We are giving just a little bit of hands-on by leveling the clay and tracing off the extra clay out of the clay. Understand they can’t let us go through the whole process since it will be too long and denial a lot of participants. We need to pay $3 for the glazing and firing fee though =)
    Side story: A malay mum keep telling her daughter off “No, this is not the right way!”, “You should do like this (taking over her daughter’s clay and do the ‘correct’ method)”… I feel like telling the mum off, let your kids try it~ there is not right or wrong when it comes to ART as long as it don’t hurt anyone!

    Haha, my first pottery art~
  • Balloon sculpting workshop
    – Actually all we need to do is to tell the helpers/volunteers the color of the balloon, what we wish them to make, and they will make for us. But a cute little chap will go around entertaining us while we waiting with his magic performance. 🙂

What’s next? For every activity you participated, you will received a stamp, you can change for a goodies bag after gathering 3 stamps.

I collected all the stamps!
Actually I can changed 3 goodies bags with since I joined 9 activities, but I shouldn’t be too greedy 😛


This is what I got from the event end of the 2+ hours.
So many childhood goodies!! Brought back a lot of sweet memories

Overall I had a enjoyable afternoon, I hope there will be more such events held all over Singapore. 🙂
Thanks PAssionArts At Tampines for the list of entertaining programmes~

Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/PAssionArtsAtTampines

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  1. Winnie the Pooh~ Yay. Good choice! =P

  2. LOL. yah. one of the cuter design… 🙂

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