Saying Hi to Ajahn Brahm

Was having a long day before I spent all the money(almost) in my wallet to rush to attend to his talk, surprised to find him sitting outside the hall to sign his books and take photos with others. =)

I was too nervous and forgotten to ask him for advise on a topic which I had always been wanting to ask him… but anyway… glad to see him close up and personal, though he ‘rejected’ my handshake since I am a female =.=”

Enjoyed listening to Ajahn Brahm’s talk and think despite a lot of repeated stories and etc, he is always very enlightening, and every talk I attended, I learnt something out of it…

If you are interested in his next coming talk in Singapore – “Fixing Troubled Relationships”, you might like to make yourself available on 20th March evening. Apparently after this talk, he is not scheduled to speak in Singapore until December.

To get more updates on Ajahn Brahm’s talk (and more) in Singapore, you can always check out the following:
Buddhist Fellowship Facebook page:
Buddhist Fellowship official website:

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