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Happy Time: Universal Studios Singapore Hollywood After Party!

December 2012 is an eventful month, I was lucky to get invited to a few movie previews and events:

  • Back to 1942
  • The Werewolf Boy
  • The Guillotines
  • Asahi Silver Beat Party IV
  • Tiger Beer party

What’s more, I also get a pair of tickets to Universal Studios Singapore Hollywood After Party on 5th Jan – thanks to Churp Churp Singapore giveaway.

Hollywood After Party is held every Saturday night from 3rd Nov to 5th Jan, 7pm till late at Universal Studios Singapore. For $20, you can enjoy entry to the event, and a cup of complimentary drink.
Top up with another $13 (total $33), you get to enjoy free flow of beer/ housepour. I got the $20 tickets which includes the entry to the event, and a cup of complimentary drink. 🙂

For the night, local live band – Goodfellas will be performing.

The Goodfellas is a local Singapore band and have been performing at Timbre, showcasing their talent in playing R&B, Motown, classic songs, current pop and rock songs. The band is make up of 6 members:
  • Athif – Lead Guitarist
  • Ezal – Keyboardist
  • Ghaz – Vocalist
  • Mang – Vocalist/Guitarist
  • Nal – Band Leader/Bassist
  • Rafi – Drummer

I’m not a fan of local band, and to be frank, this is the first time I listened to their performance. But they are good!! All the best to their new album which is coming out soon.

This is the first time I stepped into Universal Studios Singapore, it seems to looks alike to Universal Studios Hollywood Los Angeles, just with narrower streets…  but then again, since I went in just for the event, a lot of place are already blocked. 🙁

Before entering the event space


Hollywood After Party, here we come!~


While queuing to take photo, saw Frankenstein going around to scare people…


Jie Lin is so happy that she finally get to take photo with Kungfu Panda



Goodfellas performing~


The sky looks beautiful… but I took it like there’s fire breakout :X






Difference between free flow drink and complimentary drink… and you need to bring the free flow cup around to refill, sort of silly, as we can’t dance or walk around since we need to take care of the refillable cup =.=”


Fireworks at 8pm!!


Wasn’t really prepare for the fireworks so this is one of the still ok photo, looks like splashed paint to me 😛

Overall, enjoyed the night. The live band is good, the DJ is good, the fireworks is good.
Just a little hipcup with the event hotline. I called to check on the closing time of the ticket booth but they gave me the wrong timing – which was an hour earlier than the closing time, was quite disappointed with this, apparently they do not know their fact well, or am I too demanding to ‘expect a world class standard’ from them 😛

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