冬至快乐! Happy Winter Solstice!

Merry Doomsday! Opps, you mean we are still alive? So what should I greet?

冬至快乐。 Happy Winter Solstice!

Traditionally, the Chinese usually gather with their family and celebrate winter solstice by making and eating “tangyuan” (汤圆 or glutinuous riceballs), which symbolize reunion. In fact, some Chinese actually consider this special day to be more important than Chinese New Year.

P/s: Was kidding with friends that the doomsday speech is a rumors spread by the Chinese elderly. Since nowadays the youngster seldom go home to gather for festival, perhaps by claiming that it’s doomsday, the youngster might want to go home and ‘die’ with their loved one, thus the elderly can have a nice celebration for once. 😛

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