Swap time: Love Comment Blog ♥ (10)

Another swap is to promote my new blog: Love Comment Blog ♥ (10)
It’s a swap started by Piimanyx.

Everyone is assigned 3 partners and we are supposed to leave at least a comment on 3 different posts of the blog of our partners.

Listed are my 3 partners whom share their blog links to me:
Rhonda makes a lot of nice and simple crafts which even people like me can be able to pick up and learn to make! Love the simplicity and yet creative crafts.

She is a young girl from Indonesia, she can do crochet real well, especially in my favourite color – Blue. 🙂

We sort of share the same collection interest, love snail mails and notes from different countries

Listed are the 3 swappers who are supposed to leave comments on my blog:
Lauren is an artist and writer, currently taking a break from her studies, her blog show case of some simple and nice craft project and share her everyday life.

With loads of great recipes, those on diet may need to reconsider before you go to the blog!

Coincidentally, Jessica is my swap partner for another blog exchange swap. Her blog show case of her scrap-booking project and share her everyday life too.

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