Swap time: Promoting your blog!

My latest swap is blog link swap to promote my blog 😛
It’s a swap started by blondie78t.

Everyone will be assigned 5 partners to send their blog link to, the link must be linked to a personal blog which the swapper really post content to.

Listed are my 5 partners whom share their blog links to me:





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  1. Did you find the swap things a little confusing? I wasn't sure if I was supposed to comment on them, or just send out my link to people.

    Stephanie – promoting your blog

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi From swap-bot! I did find this swap a little confusing, so I'm commenting on every bodies! (Michelledann swapbot)

  3. LOL. I thought it was straight forward till i read the questions and get myself more confused… If I didn't left out anyone accidently, I think I leave everyone on my list comments to be safe… 😛

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