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LipIce Sheer Colour sample giveaway

Thanks to JL, after reading her blog I can confirm that the LipIce Sheer Colour sample giveaway is not some Facebook scam that will make me into a laughing stock… or target of anger…

You can redeem your free Lipice Sheer Colour sample just by “Like”-ing the Facebook page:
and allow the Free Sample facebook app to post on your wall.

After you filled up the registration form, you will get an email notification.
The Terms and Conditions listed on the Facebook page:

  • 1 address is entitled to one redemption only.
  • Redemption is valid for Singapore address only.

I am not too sure how is the effect on everyone else, I don’t have friends around me using it and my sister can’t get it since I have redeemed it already.
All I know it taste sweet to me 🙂 (Makes me feel sweeter…)

[Updated] There’s once I did a silly act, treating LipIce Sheer Colour as a pure lip gloss and I just apply it without mirror, guess what? I see Ronald McDonald in the mirror on my next toilet break! I never know the color can be as ‘dark’ as a lipstick! Haha… this teach me a lesson, never apply anything on my face without check, and double check in the mirror 😛

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