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McDonald’s Singapore Hello Kitty The Singing Bone & other Updates

Gosh! Guess what? Heard the Hello Kitty plushies – The Singing Bone (limited edition!) is sold out again in less than 1 hour, or some even rumored that they are “sold out” even before midnight?

In order not to jammed the restaurants with queuing customers for the Hello Kitty Plushies, coupons are issued to customers, hours before midnight (the Hello Kitty plushies are supposed to be on sale only after 27th Jun 2013 00:00)…

Sample of coupons issued for customers (shared by friend on 27th Jun)


[Updated on 28th Jun, picture taken from JL‘s blog] These looks more like authenticate Hello Kitty Coupon vs the version above, haha! Not sure if all branches give out same coupon or…?
If they have the time to design the coupon, does it means they already anticipate the craze for this last Hello Kitty?

To be frank, I am quite disgusted of people who queue for the plushies (and bought many of them) so they can sell it off to REAL Hello Kitty plushies collectors at high price, but that’s bullshit life.

Think on the bright side, now without all the plushies on hand and the queuing customers and greedy Hello Kitty plushies sellers, McDonald’s can now focus on something more important!

Promotions: FREE Coffee!

On 27th Jun morning from 7am to 8.15am, you can start off your morning with a cup of FREE coffee (no Hello Kitty, kopi also not bad lah)! Just bring a copy of (27th Jun) TODAY newspaper and bring it to any of the 15 selected McDonald’s restaurants listed below (luckily all located near the MRT stations) to redeem your complimentary coffee!
Complimentary coffee!

McDelivery service resumed
On top of this, McDelivery service has assumed as long as the haze do not get worsen. ^_^


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