Photo time: East Coast Park

I have been singing the commercial song of Scott’s Emulsion which was once famous in the 90’s to G – whining to him that I have outgrown my clothings: Lyrics: 衣服本來剛剛好 怎麼現在扣不上 桌子椅子那麼小 小到门也钻不了 成長成長我已成長 司各脫鳘魚肝油 陪伴我一起長大 (For those who do not understand Mandarin, this is my direct translation, please …

Family & Parenting

生日快乐, 妈妈~~ Happy Birthday, Mummy~~

生日快乐, 妈妈! 每年的十二月二号是您的生日! 谢谢您多年来无悔的照顾(虽然您偶尔还是会唠叨)。 Happy Birthday mum! Every 02 December is your birthday~ Thanks for taking care of us all these years (not without complains 😛 ). 母爱是伟大的! A mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever~