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Services Review: Hair Makeover With Keolleo Bar

Given the opportunity to try out the hair coloring service provided by Keolleo bar, what good timing!

Since Singapore opened up in late April 2022, everyone around me had started traveling. Kpo Kia Papa also keeps asking when are we traveling but the problem is…. my passport had expired! Better fix my hair before taking my passport photo since it will need to be stuck with me for the next 10 years (from 1 Oct 2021, Singapore passports issued for citizens aged 16 and above are valid for 10 years).

Usually, I’ll stick to my regular hair stylist as she knows my preference well and the hair products she uses suits me. This is especially after a few bad experiences of my hair being unable to take on the color used by other salons. However, I decided to give myself another chance~

Getting there

Keolleo Bar is conveniently located in Bugis Cube, directly Opposite Bugis Junction, around 5 minutes walk away from Bugis MRT.

Just take the escalator from the entrance up to level three.
Walk left from the escalator, and turn towards where most of the shops reside. You will see the Hair salon on the right-hand side!

Hair Makeover experience

My original intention was just to get a hair color service and trim my hair slightly for a more presentable new passport photo. But the hairstylist, Thanh, managed to convince me to change my hairstyle as well.

No sugar coating, he honestly pointed out to me that my first color choice will not be able to cover my white hair. However, he let me go with my second color choice (even though it’s different from his recommendation) since it still helps to cover my white hair.

Lazy me just wanted to trim my effortless hairstyle but Thanh managed to persuade me to cut it shorter. He also recommends me some other hair tips that can help me to cover my thinning hair and shape my hair. Unfortunately, I am in a rush to go back to fetch Kpo Kia and can’t continue with any other services.



Although Thanh had preempted me, I thought the hair color mix chemical took quite a while to develop, more than my expectation. While waiting for the hair color to set, I just enjoy surfing on my phone. I am glad to take up Thanh advice and give it a try, and my shorter hairdo helps me looks more refreshing, and according to Kpo Kia, looks younger 🙂

Overall, I am glad that although Thanh does suggest other hair services, there’s no hard-selling in the whole process. Frankly speaking, I would have stayed back to try out other services if I have the time back then.

Keolleo Glam

One can enjoy the convenience of a one-stop service at Keolleo Bar/Glam. Their sister company, Keolleo Glam just resides one floor below at unit #02-08.

More beauty services are available here! Great place to go to when one needs to doll up for a special event/occasion.
Love the interior, so intagramable~
Can’t resist taking a photo here~

They also provide other beauty services such as Eyebrow Embroidery, Facial, Eyelash Extension, Anti wrinkles, and Nose Lifting.

Blink blink~

They are currently having a promotion for their Anti-Wrinkles Needle-less treatment at $299! And it’s supposed to have a visible effect just after 1 session!

Keolleo Bar
470 North Bridge Road #03-15
Bugis Cube Singapore 188735
📱Phone: +65 9468 8070


Keolleo Glam
470 North Bridge Road #02-08
Bugis Cube Singapore 188735
📱Phone: +65 9455 0974


[Disclosure: This is a sponsored service review post, but all opinions are solely my own.]

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