Phase 3.2 HA Day 14

2021-07-04 – Sunday!

Life is back to normal, sort of…. we need to wake up earlier for her swimming lesson. But the day schedule is more relax as we do not need to rush to the two grandparents house

Today meal:

  • Brunch: Hong Kong Noodle
    I requested for less oily noodle… so the noodle turned out dry. But guess age is catching up with me, so I just accept it and move on.
  • Dinner: Salted Egg Pork Rib rice
    This round I ordered Salted Egg Pork Rib Rice since I will not be sharing it with her. This is a dish that I don’t usually share with her. I had wanted her to enjoy food that tastes ‘nice’, but I am worried that it builds up her preference to enjoy ‘sinful food’ over ‘healthy food’. Double standard, huh? I believe that as adults if we choose the ‘wrong’ over ‘right’, it’s our responsibility. But as a parent of a young kid, it is our responsibility to ‘guide’ our kids to make the right choice. Even if she decided to make the ‘wrong choice’ when she grows up, it will be dependent on her own judgment which she needs to take responsibility for.

    “Supper” bought by mum

    On the way to pack dinner…. wish to drop off to take a nicer photo

We had an earlier dinner as we went to fetch mum home. I wish I have the power to create a miracle, or at least witness one.

Outstanding tasks for July 2021:

  • SM backlog posts
  • Organising of 2021 photos


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