Phase 3.2 HA Day 12

2021-07-02 – Friday!

It’s a busy Friday. But what upset me is the latest update about my little relative. I cannot imagine if I am the one who have to go through all these.

Today meal:

  • Brunch: Teriyaki Bulgogi Baked Rice
    Wanted to try out a new eatery on deliveroo so here is it. Not bad, but I don’t think I can afford such meals too frequently.
  • Dinner: Pull Pork Burger
    We put Kpo Kia with her granny and went off for a date. I ordered Pull Pork Burger. It’s not bad, but still lose out compared to the one I tried in Australia. When can I ever travel again?

    I wanted to post a photo of us together, but I am fat beyond acceptable rate, compared to him. Time to go on diet!

    After the dinner, we had a short stroll, and went home so I can catch up on what had been happening for the day.

Outstanding tasks for July 2021:

  • SM backlog posts
  • Organising of 2021 photos


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