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2021新年快乐!Happy 2021 Chinese New Year!


Happy 2021 Chinese New Year!

This is a special Lunar New Year. We didn’t really go for visiting, not exactly by choice, mainly by advice from ‘Ah Gong’.

Yes, it’s been a year and COVID is still so close to us. Many countries are experiencing their second, third or X-th waves, and we definitely do not want to join in the fun (the only thing Singapore gahman don’t want to be Number 1).

For New Year eve, things are pretty much the same, we visited my in-laws for reunion lunch, and dinner at my parents’ place. We are glad to have the almost full force for the reunion meal, and hope next year will be a full-force year.

First day of Lunar New Year is a bit quiet though. We only visited my in-laws for lunch, and went home for dinner. I had to start studying for my test – -to payback for being a ‘slacker’, not focusing enough in class.

Second day of Lunar New year, we went to my parents’ house as usual for steamboat. Since mum’s steamboat pot was spoilt some time back, I volunteered to bring my induction cooker. Guess what? I forgot to bring along the pot that came with the induction cooker, and the induction cooker is sort of sensitive and refused to operate with other pots! So we travel back home to get the pot. =.=”

Third day of Lunar New Year is also Valentine’s Day. We had a very late lunch at Lazy Lizard, and back home for steamboat – on Kpo Kia Papa’s request. LOL, I was surprised he didn’t change his plan for steamboat at home.

It’s a very quiet Lunar New Year for us this round, we are the ‘obedient citizens’ who listen to Ah Gong – No more than 2 households per home visiting, keep to max 8 pax. We didn’t even go to River Ang Bao or Chinatown to squeeze with the crowd (partially because the hardworking student – moi had been mad rushing assignments lah).

How’s your Lunar New Year? Hope it’s a great one for you!

We wish you have a Happy Lunar 牛🐂 Year!


Ok. Better go to sleep now since I have a test later in the Monday morning – on 4th Day of Lunar New Year~ Good night!

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