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Enjoying the premium hotpot experience at Yan Xi Palace Steamboat Restaurant 宴喜宫

Last week Kpo Kia Papa and I were talking about we had yet to try any collagen hotpot and the law of attraction works!

I received an invite from Yan Xi Palace Steamboat Restaurant 宴喜宫 for a tasting session which I gladly accepted.

Yan Xi Palace Steamboat Restaurant 宴喜宫 is a newly open steamboat restaurant located beside Hotel Re!. I had passed by the location previously but never realised there’s a hidden gem located so near to my workplace. The restaurant aims to offers a premium hotpot experience that helps to nourish their customers’ health and good for complexion while providing a tasty taste.

Soup Base

There are 8 varieties of soup bases available which are made from scratch, double-boiled, and simmered for hours on the stove. Understand that all these are prepared daily by the Executive Chef (previously from Westin) and his team~

Image Credit: Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅

We tried 3 of the soup base during the tasting session:

  • Imperial Elixir Youth Soup: their popular favouritewhich is rich in collagen which helps to nourish our skin and health.
  • Buddha-Jumps-Over-The-Wall Soup: their signature soup based which is brewed using the finest selection of ingredients and herbs such as Ginseng. This highly recommended soup base helps nourishes our health while providing great taste.
  • Yanxi Treasure Pearl Soup: tummy soother that soothes one’s stomach and comforts the soul


My place my vote for Yanxi Treasure Pearl Soup, as I was not feeling my best on the rainy Monday and its mild taste really smooth me.

The greens

It is known that vegetables are a good source of dietary fibre, and can help us pace our appetite. The vegetables in the Vegetable & Mushroom Platter are fresh and cut to the correct size to helps us enjoy a more guilt-free hotpot dinner.


We had Crispy Pork and the Salted Egg Fish Skin as snacks, and I got a shock when I saw the humongous cup of bubble tea served to us. I like that the cook dishes are not too saltish but I do regret not sharing the bubble tea with Sis as the portion is really too big.

Instgram-worthy dishes

I would think highly recommend ‘instaholic’ to try out some of these instgram-worthy dishes: Seafood Lollipop, Rose Tofu and Rose Beef Tongue. Can’t stop snapping photos for these dishes and I need to eat them with heavy heart (too pretty to eat). I had the most beautiful rose for the day but love eating it layer by layer like a kid. The seafood lollipop is nice.


Although I don’t eat beef, the table raves about the Selected Diced Wagyu Beef is tender, comes with a natural sweetness, and is full of flavour.

Other shabu shabu meat that I tried: Sliced Kurobuta Pork Collar and Meat Brothers (Sliced Lamb, Sliced Beef and Sliced Pork Collar) are fresh and set at a reasonable price.


I personally prefer Minced Shrimp with Water Chestnut over Minced shrimp with cheese; probably because I like the water chestnut’s delicate sweetness and delectable crispness.

Usually, I do not eat food with shell unless someone deshell it for me. But luckily the seafood from the Seafood Platter is so fresh that I can easily deshelling the prawns and catfish with a pair of chopstick!

Although we are pretty full, vain me still cannot resist the colorful Organic Handmade Rainbow Noodles which were made of fruits and vegetable food colouring. We tried the beetroot and spinach noodle and were advised to move the noodle every few seconds while letting the broth to get into the noodle. But we chat so happily that we nearly forgotten about the noodles, luckily they did not turn soggy and still hold up the texture.

We end the meal with their homemade dessert: Signature Ice Jelly,Rose Ice Jelly and Osmanthus Ice Jelly.

Opening promotion until 13 Dec 2020 (not valid for Fri, Sat, Sun)
🔅 Wagyu, Flower Crabs or Black Pork at only $1 per plate (choose 1 from the 3, limited to one order per table & only 20 servings per day)
🔅 free-flow homemade desserts
🔅 20% off after 11pm

📍 175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore 169879
⏰ 12.00pm to 12.30am (Sun – Thu), 12.00pm to 2.00am (Fri – Sat)
☎️ +65 8858 9711


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