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Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary!

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to my Dear Kpo Kia Papa!

Time flies and we have annoyed each other for 6 years already!

This year, I nearly forgot don’t think we will celebrate since it’s a weekday, till I saw he had taken leave on our wedding anniversary day!

After he sent Kpo Kia to childcare, we chillax a bit and went out for lunch. I had initially wanted to go to Garden by the bay, but the weather seems moody, so we went to Jewel Changi Airport instead.

Part 1

We started off by exploring the store which we didn’t manage to enter previously – Pokemon center!

Attempt to act cute! Haha! But sort of failing at it. I am too fat, I need to slim down.
This is the first time we saw an almost empty Pokemon center…. it’s also very small compared to the Osaka one we went to

Since it’s a weekday and the queue is short, we had A&W for lunch. The last round we passed by A&W, the queue is crazy (yes, that is how long we had last gone to Jewel!).

A&W! It’s been ages since I last eat A&W, probably when I was 14-15 years old?
Come to A&W must drink the root beer float.

After lunch, we went to do some window-shopping before going up to the Canopy Park for photo taking session. They are currently having promotion and visitors can enjoy free entry for two by presenting any same-day receipt from Jewel. No minimum spending is required and visitors will be entitled the admission to the following attractions in the Canopy Park:

  • Discovery Slides,
  • Foggy Bowls,
  • Petal Gardens, and
  • Topiary Walk

If you are interested, do note that Terms & Conditions apply.

We used to like exploring Singapore quite often before we got married, but stop going out when Kpo Kia was born. This is a nice refresher date for us, reminding us of our carefree days!

Free entry for 2 to canopy park! Normal time will need to pay around S$5 per pax (S$4.50 for Singapore residents)
Finally can see the waterfall without having the track obstructing our view
Rabbit on Chameleon? Hmmm….
The two loving birds
The secret to long-lasting marriage – See no evil, Hear no evil
Buaya eat buaya
Quite a lot of people like this elephant fountain
Mandrain duck. it should of ignore his partner at the other end of the log
After we left, we saw a queue building up at the Discovery Slides area

After walking around 800k steps within the Jewel Changi Airport (tracked on my Mi Smart Band 4), we got tired. We went home to rest for a while before fetching Kpo Kia from childcare for early dinner.

Time flies and we need to go to fetch Kpo Kia for dinner soon
Good bye~
Part 2

Since we have a complimentary voucher at Swensen from our financial advisor, it’s not hard to decide where’s for dinner. Kpo Kia is a Swensen’s Kids’ Club member, which means we have a complimentary Sundae if we dine in! We had initially wanted to do some grocery shopping, but need to rush home due to unforeseen circumstances. =.=”

Kpo Kia and I are cheese lovers, so Chicken bake rice!
His Lasagna Bolognese
He asked Kpo Kia: You want?
Kpo Kia replied: Of course! and use it to decorate her plate =.=”

Since the economy is so bad this year, and I have not been working for the past few months, it’s better to be prudent on our spending. While I complain about our 5th year wedding anniversary which was spent almost a similar way, I guess aging tamed my temper this year.

Hope next year we can have a more romantic celebration *chuckle*. Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary again!

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