We are moving on to Phase 2!

Was suddenly flooded with a lot of Whatsapp messages when we were having our dinner, and we were happy to know that Phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening will start after Jun 18, 11.59pm! This means….

I can finally go to Daiso and Ikea to buy my ‘value for money’ storage!
I can finally go to jio the girls for lunch and buy my favorite dessert!
I can finally go out without a mask! –> Opps, this is #fakenews. Note that the advisory announcement only stated the changes for Phase 2 vs Phase 1. This means, whatever rules that were not mentioned for Phase 2, we will need to assume they are still status quo.

You can refer to the below infographic to get yourself updated on what are the changes for Phase 2.

Image from: CNA

Yesterday new cases: 407
Today new cases: 214

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