CB Day 24: Last Day

A reminder of the day: today is 30 April 2020… Last Thursday of April, I thought it will be the last working day of my job…. haha. ended up, still have stuff to clear before my actual last day.

Today schedule is:

  • 8:00am: Slept very late last night, cannot sleep… wake up and grab simple breakfast, bak kwa bread and coffee, then rush over to office within the allocated timing
  • 9:20am: While preparing to ‘sync’ the account, I started to do some admin work again
  • 10:50am: OMG, Need to rush before my colleague come into the office. Mafan.
  • 12:20pm: Finally reached home as detour to buy essential and lunch. I bought the cheapo chicken rice beside MRT station, and got some comfort snacks like old cheng kee and Mr bean as our tea break
  • 7.00pm: I cannot believe I am still rushing work…. and installing the software on the other machine…
  • 8:30pm: Finally Kpo Kia papa decided to eat the dinner… our carbonara were cold
  • 11:40pm: LOL. Attempted to make Kpo Kia sleep so she can stay away from the papa’s concall, ended up I fell asleep… and just wake up for my Netflix

Today figure: 528 new cases

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