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Stay Healthy Please

And so he spent his whole lot of Friday afternoon in Sengkang General Hospital.

Around midnight, he kept complaining to me that he is not feeling well – ‘just weird weird around here’ he pointed to his chest. I thought it is just heartburn but seeing him keep pondering if he can wait till next morning, it seems like it’s better to have a check to be safe than sorry. After looking at a couple of 24-hrs clinics rates, I remind him that he can also try Sengkang General Hospital A&E if he is really worried.

Finally dozed off around 2+am and the next message I read on my phone is, ‘I need to be awarded for 8 hours for observation’, and my dear Kpo Kia papa is still worrying about sending Kpo Kia for school.

In the morning I send Kpo Kia to school and had breakfast before I went over to visit him (he didn’t respond to my message so I guessed he was sleeping, and I was right). He was pretty tired but still behave like normal, and it is then he finally confessed he is showing symptoms of heart attack and thus the 8hours observation is required. Luckily, after a few blood test and monitoring, he is deemed fine and can be discharged.

Stay healthy dear.

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