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Time flies 2018

It’s a “new” year and 2 months just fly passed before I can even sit down and think of anything.

Longed for a break. When we keep moving and yet is getting nowhere, either the destination is not somewhere we should go, or the method we use to reach the destination is wrong. But keep walking around without pausing to think will get us to no where.

Because I wish to have a ‘work-life balance’, and a ‘personal-family life balance’, I have not been sleeping much for a long long long time… so it means a lot when I can finally sleep early last night…

No no, I am not one of the group 1 winners of last Friday TOTO, so haha, I still need to go back to work on Monday. But I am glad that I finally see the lights at the end of the tunnel, I hope it is not the headline of the train though, can’t wait to see the site launch… and time to start planning for our next family trip. 🙂

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