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World War Z VS Singapore War Haze

Just some random thoughts…


Lessons learnt from World War Z Lessons learnt from Singapore War Haze
  1. Regardless of how havoc the situation is, learn to count (seconds)
  2. Chances of surviving by moving around is always better than staying back and wait for death
  3. One more person you save, help you to have one less enemy
  4. When you are saved, keep your big mouth shut, do not make noise to attract undesired attention
  5. When you come to a live or death situation, inject virus into yourself (can I inject computer virus?), end of the day, what doesn’t kills you, make you strong.
  1. Regardless of 3 hours or 24 hours of PSI is published, learn to count (you do know how to calculate the actual latest hour PSI, do you?)
  2. Stay indoor, on air-con and don’t move around, chances of killing by the PUB bills will be much lesser than chances of going out and breathe in the hazardous dust
  3. Save your so-called-friend the correct way, once you make one wrong move, you are creating a new potential enemy
  4. When you are having clean air, PRAISE LOUD LOUD~ So when you have the rights to COMPLAIN LOUD LOUD when you have haze all around you.
  5. What doesn’t kills you, make you strong … but some people just grew strong in the wrong body parts… I mean fingers lah (keyboard warriors all have their fingers well trained!)

(Don’t meant to troll, just for laughter… I mean, that is if you even find it funny T__T )

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  1. Is the movie "World War Z" out there already? I'd like to see it when it comes.
    Such a sweet blog you have. 🙂

    (gain exposure to your blog, Swap bot)

  2. Hi Pipo.
    Thanks for dropping by. World War Z is shown in Singapore for a while by now 🙂
    Hope you enjoy the show when it gets to Finland 🙂

  3. Going to see it this week. 🙂

  4. Finally! Hope you enjoy the show! 🙂

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