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Useful Android Apps for preggy and first time mum (or dad!)

This is a long overdue post but I think it’s helpful to new mummies.

Ever since I got pregnant, it seems like I have so many things to keep track, My mummy brain attacked me quite early soon when I’m pregnant, on top of my absent minded self, so I did some research and found a couple of Android app that works for me,

I’m Pregnant

The main reason why I got it is because it have a kick counter (significant changes in baby’s movement pattern may help identify potential problems with pregnancy) – I can start the timer and track the number of kicks the baby kick me. Once I logged 10 kicks, the timer will stop automatically and a record will be listed – how long does it takes for the baby to kick me 10 times in a day.

If you have read my old posts, you will know that I was asked to go on a controlled diet as my gynae found that I have gained too much weight when I was around 26 weeks and since then he had been nagging me to control my diet and my weight. The app have a weight function that let me track my weight every fortnight and also remind me on the normal range of weigh gained at each stage.

It also have a Hospital bag function which let me keep the check list of items on what I need to pack for my hospital bag.

Also like the fact that it provided me a weekly guide on how the baby should be progressing and what will happen to your body as well as a list of recommended TODO list.

Out of Milk

While I used this app before my pregnancy as  a normal TODO list app, I find it very useful especially when it come to my pregnancy – when I need to request G to help me to shop for items.

Out of Milk allows me to share my shopping list with G, this means I can update our shopping list anytime whenever I remember, and he can have the latest list when he is doing the shopping. Only thing is, we need to remember to sync our shared list…

Feed Baby

When Kpo Kia is first popped, G and I are really helpless – we’ve learned from various source that we need to keep track of babies’ poo frequency, feeding frequency, and although we have help from the Confinement Nanny’ we still have a hard time juggling with all these figures with a constantly crying baby.

Managed to found this app which helps me to keep track of my pumping session and feeding information – find it especially useful for a breast/mix feeding mum. I will be able to keep track of which side did I last fed the baby, and how much did I fed her, whether it’s direct latch, expressed milk, or formula milk.

I can also keep track of the baby’s diaper changing – whether it’s a dry diaper, a wet diaper, or due to her poo poo. This helps us to monitor and ensure that the baby have enough of wet diaper, and that she had her daily poo.

It also have a growth chart that helps us to gauge on the baby’s head-circumference, height and weight percentile.

I paid for the pro version as this allows me and G to share information, so when either one of us was resting, we still get the necessary information.

Don’t cry my baby (lullaby)

G is the one who found this app. Like that it have quite a few features, especial the white noise, lullaby, and the baby toy.

The white-noise really help Kpo Kia to calm down in the first few months – white noise stimulate the sound of mother’s heartbeat, water drops, cloth brushing sound – sounds which babies used to hear when they are in their mummies womb.

Till today, I still turn on the lullaby when Kpo kia is fussing during sleeping time. We sort of conditioned her that when the music plays, it’s cooling down time – this works fine till she mastered the skill of crawling and now walking. Recently G had stopped playing the lullaby as he wants to train kpo kia to sleep by herself, we still working hard on it to happened though *Chuckle*

The baby toy has been useful too when kpo kia is around 7-10 months. She is curious and she enjoy shaking the phone to make the sound of a toy.

Bear in mind that there’s always radiation when you let the baby go near a handphone, so we mitigate it by turning on the flight mode, keep it as far from the baby as possible (unless, except, when we both need to be away from the baby for a short while and thus let her play with the baby toy feature).

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