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Media Invite: Club ClearSK® launch in Kallang Stadium Walk

“Ageless living beings with us” – this is the tagline of ClearSK® – the largest medi-aesthetic and medi-slimming concept in Singapore.

Was glad to be receive media invite to attend the launch of the Club ClearSK® launch in Kallang Stadium Walk – a 3,000 sq foot centre featuring four luxurious treatment rooms, two consultation rooms, a diagnostic room for face, body analysis as well as before- and after- photo comparisons.

Kallang Stadium Walk is the 12th location in the ClearSK® chain of centres. This outlet own the largest selection of medical technologies designed by doctors, launched its new suite of doctor-designed hair growth and scalp treatments together with its Club program for its clients.

With a medical advisory board comprising experts from across the world, helmed by Chief Medical Advisor, Dr Shiau Ee Leng from the ClearSK® Healthcare Group, ClearSK® is the authority in head-to-toe medi-aesthetics. Doctor-designed aesthetics solutions for total body –skin, body and hair are covered. At the heart of it lies ClearSK®’s passion for client satisfaction and belief in being at the cutting edge of medical aesthetics advancement and techniques.

Complete medi-aesthetics solution provider for skin, body and hair
Originating from U.S. TwinLift™ is the first twin treatment program that targets to lift both upper and inner skin layers at one go. This treatment uses a unique High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to target where skin ageing begins – penetrates up to 3.5 to 4.5mm deep into the inner skin layer, to reaches the subcutaneous & collagen skin layers – without hurting the upper skin layer~

The Ultrasound waves can stimulate new collagen to strengthen your inner skin layers over a period of time.While collagen is regenerating at your inner skin, TwinLift™ combines together with Radiofrequency to give an immediate boost to your upper skin layer (epidermis).

With this twin combination treatment, customers are able to achieve firmer skin and reduced appearances of wrinkles for a longer period of time. TwinLift™ has no down-time with immediate and long-lasting lifting benefits as the treatment works from the deeper layers up.

This treatment takes at least 40-minutes in this twin combination. It is recommended to receive four to six treatment sessions at bi-weekly to monthly intervals.

TwinSculpt™, the No. 1 fat-freeze treatment in Europe, is latest fat freeze technology that comes in twins to deliver effective results more efficiently. Two body parts can be treated simultaneously, with each twin treatment lasting from between 45 mins to 70 mins.

This treatment make use of the technology of cryo-therapy (fat-freezing) which fuses freezing of adipose tissues (layer of fat under the skin) in sub-zero temperatures with a vacuum suction to break down fat tissues through apoptosis (a natural process of cell death in the body which occurs daily).

It has two applicators which draws the fatty tissues into the handle by creating a vacuum that reduces blood flow to the adipose cells. This facilitates fat freezing and thereafter the body’s natural process of fat elimination takes place through the lymphatic drainage system.

The treatment can be done on the following for Tummy, flanks, thighs, back, underarms, elbows and even on the under chin area. TwinSculpt™ has no downtime and one can resume normal activities or head back to work immediately after doing the treatment.

It is recommended to receive treatment sessions once every four to six weeks. Results are visible from two-weeks’ post-treatment.

The TwinLaserTM Hair Infusion is a medi-hair growth program designed with medical advisory for ClearSK®. It is a twin treatment program using Laser of specific wavelength which kindles new hair follicle cell formation, followed by infusion of Hair Growth Active Nutrients to stimulate hair regrowth from its roots.

The two-in-one treatment (60-minutes) protects and enriches the scalp, ensuring healthy and strong growth for current hair and new hair. ClearSK® formulated in 2016 a revolutionary doctor-designed Laser Hair Infusion program and has no downtime,

Results can be seen from as early as the sixth treatment.

Club ClearSK®
After sales service is very important to most and very lacking in Singapore, so it’s a pleasant surprise to hear that the Club ClearSK® is automatic for all their customers as long as they had used at least one services that is $300 and above as in recognition for their support.

Members of Club ClearSK® gets to enjoy benefits such as:

  • one free trial treatment monthly
  • use of the Club ClearSK® Lounge, 
  • monthly privileges with participating partners as well as 
  • 10% off for treatments storewide.

The Club ClearSK® Lounge is located at the Stadium Walk outlet, offering a relax environment for all Club ClearSK® members to chill and pamper their skin, body & mind in, before and after treatments. Just visualizing myself going for a treatment with my bbf after our treatment, chilling out in this space filled with soft music in the background; enjoying hot or cold beverages (including TWG Tea!) or some wine is making me feeling like a ‘Tai-tai’ already.

Stairway to the lounge

The room in the spa which I used to have a package with, barely have space for my therapist to walk around, let alone a couch!

Explaining how the TwinLaserTM works

Receiving the TwinLaserTM treatment

Experiencing the special machine with is almost as accurate as a CT machine (minus off the radiation) to analyse our body composition.

I am horribly overweight!! Shall I get a treatment here too?

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