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Parenthood: Things not to say to a new first time mum (actually, to me)

As a FTM (first time mum), I was “shared” a lot of knowledge and advices, but everybody have different opinions and thinking so sometimes, I feel like singing to them “You say it best, when you say nothing at all…”

Here I decided to compile the list of things I hate to hear from others after my delivery of Leticia.

  • Your breast looks like it should have a lot of milk, why you pump so little?
  • Did the baby have enough milk? Do you have enough milk?
  • The baby hiccup, she is feeling cold! You need to wrap her/feed her something warm.
  • The baby need to drink warm water (It’s still alright for the first time they say, but they definitely get death stare from me when they repeat the same thing after I explained why baby cannot drink plain water)
  • You shouldn’t rock the baby to sleep, else you will have problem making her sleep next time (while I do agree with you, but it’s not convincing at all from you who is rocking the baby while saying this.)
  • The baby is so fat (My baby is a female, mind you!)!
  • Don’t say the baby is fat (It’s a fat, what to do?)!
  • You should sleep when the baby is sleeping (Are you helping me to do my housework? Or at least wash my pump?)
  • Why don’t you give her pacifier?
  • Don’t give her pacifier!
  • You should not color your hair
  • You should not …
  • You should…

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