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新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!

This is a special Chinese New Year for me, for once I finally can bring my “red packet” to go around collect ang bao~
This year, I didn’t really clean up the house or do much housework (although my dear hubby did try to clean up quite a lot while I busy nursing our dear LO – Leticia Ong aka Little One), the house is not in the ideal clean up stage (as if I ever really clean up my house before) as I would like it but alas, who cares about the house and Chinese saying when we have someone more important to take care of. Whether cleaning up the house will help me bring luck and strike 4D or not is a matter of unknown, if we didn’t pay enough attention on Miss Ong she might endangered herself is a matter of fact.
Oh yeah, because of Chinese New Year, my mother-in-law “took leave” to do spring cleaning and New Year shopping, thanks to the 2 days, I happened to be the first to witness LO’s first successful turn. Previously she had been trying to flip herself over but always ‘jam’ because she is unable to “pull her hand out”. I am super proud of her and happy that I can be there to witness her first major milestone. As much as I wish to be beside her for her other milestones – first word, first crawl, first step walking, I know it’s quite impossible as a working mum. No matter what, I am thankful that I got a big “Ang Bao” this year, few days before Chinese New Year 🙂
Wish everyone will enjoy their Chinese New Year and have a great year ahead!

Photo credit: Mr G.
Haha. He is so self-entertained by Leticia’s growth and done up this photo. 🙂


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