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Movie time: To The Fore《破风》

Movie synopsis
弘光队的韩藉天才车手郑知元(崔始源饰)独当一面,新人王仇铭(彭于晏饰)与邱田(窦骁饰)同时被郑知元的惊人爆发力慑服,甘心当他的“破风手”,为他制造冲线机会。三人的完美配合,终战胜强敌幽灵队。然而,当郑以胜利者姿态领奖时,两人明白到王者只得一人,破风手始终只是破风手。 各人被胜败心魔所困,三人默契十足却同时被利益薰心,渐渐丧失团队精神,成绩一落千丈。其后三人各散东西,各自有着不同经历。


Chou Ming (Eddie Peng) and Qiu Tian (Shawn Dou) are hired to be pacers (破风手) for Korean cyclist Ji-won (Choi Si-won) during his races – during the races, pacers (破风手) are required to shield competitors from winds and gusts with their bodies, thereby creating the ideal conditions for their team members to accelerate forward.

Chou Ming and Qiu Tian’s rapid rise through the ranks of professional cycling as they develop a friendly rivalry both on and off the track, but the heat and pressures of competition may just put their friendship and even personal integrity to the test.

Directed by: Dante Lam 林超贤

Eddie Peng 彭于晏,
Choi Si-won 崔始源,
Shawn Dou 窦骁,
Luodan Wang 王珞丹

In Cinemas (Singapore) 新加坡上映日期: 6th Aug 2015

Language 语言: In Chinese with English Subtitles

Runtime 片长: 126 mins

Genre: Sport Drama

Movie trailer

Seldom watch movies with sport theme so this is something refreshing to me. I like the way the sportsmanship is presented in the show. We are once again reminded that how stressful being a sport person can get, and some sad reality in life. Some sportsperson are willing to do anything in order to achieve championship, some sportsperson strive hard in order to preserve dignity, some sportsperson scarified their health in order to pursuit their passion…

Sports persons are still human, so how can the show not including their family and love life?
Quite a bit of the show covers the love triangle of Qiu Tian (Shawn Dou) and Qiu Ming (Eddie Peng) falling in love with Shiyao (Wang Luodan), presenting their love in different manner.

Personally think the story is trying to cover too many things at one go and end up there are a lot of loose end to be tied, but I am genuinely impressed by the cycling techniques, roles of different players within a team (I’m a sport idiot!), even Kirimi also got so exciting during the racing scene that she keep jumping in my tummy!

I would like to have the show elaborate more on Ji-won (Choi Si-won)’s background and how the cycling team manager and him developed the close friendship, but overall, I think the show maintain a balance of action, romance, and the hardship of sportsperson.








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