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Simply random: Curry Chicken Rice

This is a boring short story.
Over the weekend, after my dental visit I decided to pack some food home to eat. Passed by Kiliney Kopitiam and I decided to pack the famous Curry Chicken Rice.
An elegant looking lady took my order had a brief chat with me, asking me if I am sharing the rice with G, and she briefly told me that the dish was originated from her mother-in-law, who used to live in Malacca, and exchange curry with rice with her neighbor. She also tell me she think the best curry should use coconut milk, and she cannot understand why people these days replace coconut milk with condense milk, making the curry lost the original flavors.

I am still in my zombie mode due to lack of sleep so I just reply her frankly that I guess it’s ‘healthier’ and can last longer, and she give me a ‘sad’ look…. I wish to chat with her more but G asked me to sit down instead of hanging around at the counter.


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